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GPS Training Review

Thank you to John Rafferty and Anna Horta from Charles Stuart University for their presentation on the 12th of June. Those attending learnt about the history of GPS and how it works globally and for Australia. We then picked up some good pointers on marking, recording and locating a point and how this is useful in the field. We hope to invite Anna and John to attend one of our Bushfire recovery field days to further discuss and demonstrate the applications of GPS in the field. 


Looking up on Spotlight Walk

Many eyes were found peering down as Swamps, Rivers & Ranges set off on their spotlight night walk event on the 23rd of April. The group met for some discussion before setting out with torches in hand to quietly explore which of our local nocturnal fauna were active. Brushtailed possums, Ringtail possums, bats and a sea eagle were all located and quietly left to go about feeding and the other activities these creatures get up to while we are all normally asleep.

Navigating climate change in North - East Landscapes

The constructive and collaborative forum is set to go ahead Friday the 27th of August, 2021. With a diverse range of experienced experts set to present on topics including climate patterns, water availability, challenges for Agriculture, wetlands change and more.

The day will also include a workshopping session on how the communities of the North East region can prepare and act.

Tickets are free and can be booked via


Swamps, Rivers & Ranges AGM to feature local knowledge

The SRR AGM will this year showcase presenters from our own local area. Attendees will hear from Dr. Richard Loyn about the data collected from over 50 sites in the North-East Victoria region through the SRR bird survey program. We will then follow the AGM with a guided walk through Winton Wetlands with Dr Lisa Farnsworth the Restoration and Research manager of Winton wetlands. For more details regarding our AGM please see our events page

Mullinmur Billabong Community Project

Swamps, Rivers & Ranges were pleased to attend the opening of the Mullinmur Billabong community project. This was a great event full of shared learning, demonstrations, inclusion and community. Congratulations to the Wangaratta Sustainability Network and all organisations and partners who have been involved in this project and the development of this beautiful natural reserve area. The educational hub is both a fantastic resource and beautifully complements the work that has occurred to restore the natural features in this area.

Guide Introduction

Nestbox Guide Launch

This guide aims to provide practical information on the use of nest boxes for wildlife conservation and how to complete a nest box project with a focus on the North East Victoria region.

To find out how you can receive a hard copy of the guide please contact us at 


About Us

Swamps, Rivers and Ranges (SRR) is a community-driven landscape restoration group. SRR exists to make positive contributions to enhancing the natural environment of our region, filling strategic gaps and applying a long-term perspective at a broad landscape scale.