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November 2021

Spring Bird Surveys

The Swamps, Rivers and Ranges Spring bird surveys are conducted in the first 2 weeks of November.

Each season volunteers conduct a 20 minute, 2Ha timed area search for bird species and abundance at a number of sites across North East Victoria 

November 2021

14 November 2021

Warby's Spring Bird Surveys

Join us as we conduct bird surveys at a ranges of sites across the Warby Ovens National Park. This is a great opportunity to join other bird survey volunteers and is welcome to those who are experienced or new to bird ID.

To learn more about our bird monitoring program include our methods see our bird monitoring tab on this webpage.

12 November 2021

Navigating Climate Change in North-East Landscapes

This forum was a fantastic collaborative event in which participants contributed great thoughts, ideas and comments. To help to develop these into practical actions and project we are holding a follow up workshop and field trip.

This is tentatively booked for November 12th but may be subject to change following Covid restrictions and advice.

Location is to be advised.

12 November 2021

October- December 2021

Bushfire recovery project field days

There are a series of field day opportunities across 2021, join us to change motion cameras or conduct spotlight surveys as a part of our Bushfire Recovery project. Attendees will learn how motion cameras and spotlight surveys contribute valuable data to assist us to understanding how fauna have recovered post the 2019-2020 Bushfires.

The Bushfire Reovery project has been supported by the Victorian Government as part of the Victorian Landcare Grants Program.

Location and specific dates are to be advised. Please register your interest if you'd like to attend.


About Us

Swamps, Rivers and Ranges (SRR) is a community-driven landscape restoration group. SRR exists to make positive contributions to enhancing the natural environment of our region, filling strategic gaps and applying a long-term perspective at a broad landscape scale.