Bushfire Recovery

Wildlife rising from the ashes -
community exploration of their local fauna

This project for Swamps, Rivers and Ranges aims to monitor bird communities as a part of larger survey efforts to help Parks Victoria achieve its objectives for biodiversity conservation and sustainability. Through this project SRR will seek to re-establish a positive association with natural local environments and the faunal species (mammals and birds) within communities affected by the 2019-2020 fires. This will focus on the foothill forests affected by the Abbeyard fire to the East and South-east of Carboor. This project includes a range of activities including bird and mammal surveys through the use of motion-sensing cameras and a series of workshops including: GPS use, nest-box building, spotlighting, and use of motion-sensing cameras (camera traps). Stay tuned to our events page for more information on upcoming workshops. This project has been supported by the Victorian Government as part of the Victorian Landcare Grants Program.


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